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About Us Info. What we are ...

Daniela Wear Studio - can design and manufacture your custom competition dress or outfit, from top to bottom. This is a totally separate service to our gallery clothing. This designer-wear service is available for both ladies and gents in all styles and is tailored to your preferences and budget. To get started, just phone, fax or email us. International enquiries are welcome.


 • How do I order a Ballroom or Latin Dress or Gents attire?
Simply Phone, Fax or email us and inform us that you would like to make a booking to have a dress or outfit designed and made. If you live in Toronto, ON, Canada , it is good to make an appointment to discuss style, design etc and actually come and see us if possible. If living interstate or overseas, we can make these arrangements by phone, fax or email. You can email us here !

 • Do I need a design?
Daniela Wear Studio - can either make a dress or outfit to a particular design you have in mind, or we can professionally design one for you. The best way to go about it is to decide on what type of "look" you are after - do you want to look sophisticated? Cute? Animal-like? Sexy? Classy? Loud? Macho?
The next discussion would be the colours of your dress-outfit, this will be influenced by the "look" you are after, which colours suit you, your body shape, and which colour is going to look best on the competition floor. If you are totally confused, we can easily guide you so that your dress-outfit suits you.

 • What happens if I don't live in Toronto, ON, Canada ?
Daniela Wear Studio - manufactures dresses-outfits for clients in all states of Canada and many different countries around the world. The size of your dress-outfit is easily determined by using our comprehensive measure chart. It's also very handy if you send a photo of yourself as this way we get to find out what you look like, this is especially important if you wish for us to design your dress-outfit also. Some ladies have also provided us with a video tape of them dancing, this is even better as it gives us an even greater idea of which designs would suit you best.

 • Do I need to provide any materials?
Usually it's easier for us to organize all your fabric requirements as it saves you time chasing around for things. We stock most materials used to make ballroom, latin dresses and gents attire. We can arrange to obtain other materials if something a little different is required.

 • Can I organize a quote for my dress or outfit?
Yes! At Daniela Wear Studio we fully understand that you have set your costume budget for a reason and always endeavor to finish the outfit within your specified budget. To that end we have set costs for making and decorating. We work on your design with your budget in mind at all times and can quote on the materials and decorations to be used. The only time the price would alter would be with consultation with you, if it was decided to alter the design or decoration required. Your budget is totally up to you and always your decision.

 • Resale Value of your Dress.
Resale value of your dress depends as much on design and cut as it does on materials used. Here at Daniela Wear Studio we provide a resale service for all of our dresses ensuring maximum exposure of your dress for resale. Daniela Wear Studio 's Competition Stand exhibits products and Resale dresses at more competition venues than any other producer in Canada. This service is strictly available only for Daniela Wear Studio made dresses.


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